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Be unstoppable. Unlimited cordless possibilities.

Get the most out of your workout with Air Beats. Easily connect JAMKIX to your mobile device. Find the perfect earpiece, and crush your  four-hour cordless workout.

  • Up to 30 hours of listening time, using the included wireless charging case
  • Fully WATERPROOF. 
  • Secure-fit earbud

Built for workouts. Perfect fit. No Sacrifice. 

Do not stop to change or skip a song. Just tap your ear to skip to your next favorite or use voice recognition. There’s no hassle with wires or annoying cords. Stay in the zone and focus entirely on your workout.

Waterproof. Never Sacrifice Again. 

Relax drifting down the river or floating in a pool  while listening to your favorite music. 

Built to keep you in the zone. 

There’s nothing better then being able to focus while at work or at a coffee shop. Enjoy noise-cancelling crispness.  While on the go you may need to recharge your JAMKIX with a 30 hour wireless experience simply use the recharging case. Get fueled up in less then 10 minutes for another 2 hours of battery life.

 Made for safety, made for comfort, hands-free calling.

Simply answer the call by tapping the earpiece or by using speech recognition. Enjoy an effortless talking experience.  Relax and talk normally while sounding professional and crisp to those you are talking with. 

Power through with voice control.

Hands-free controls through your mobile device voice recognition. Simply triple  tap the ear piece and stay in the zone. You can say anything from "Hey, Siri play music" to "Hey Google, what time is it?"

Simply advanced.

Get the next generation of wireless earphones. Packed with features and technology not found in your common headphones.     

Made for the people on the go with voice assistant built into the ear piece. Answer calls and play your favorite music all without touching your device.

Quickly answer/hang up, pause, or play music. 

Just tap the ear piece to answer/hang-up calls or pause or play music. 

Easily refuse a call.

Simply tap the ear piece and hold for 1 second. 

Turn on voice assistant.

For an easy hands-free experience, simply triple tap the ear piece to activate voice assistant. 

Perfect, unbeatable fit. 

We tested and designed the ear piece using hundreds of different unique ear sizes. Developed to fit perfectly into any ear, to serve crisp, deep sound without sacrificing the comfort of the user.

An Unreal Dynamic Stereo Experience

With BlueTooth 5.0 and DPS technology our redesigned high end dynamic 7.2mm speaker gives you an extremely bad-ass bass while also maintaining beautiful clear high frequency sounds. 

Join the 10,000+ that have come before you. Do More, Be More, Accomplish More with JAMKIX.

When it comes to quality we believe the experience comes first. Made out of the best materials in the world, JAMKIX™ are water resistant, eco friendly, chemical free earphones that serve an unbelievable experience.

Laser cut, premium quality. 

Everything for the ear piece to the finely crafted laser cut frame is inspired to give you the best hands-free listening beat you deserve.

Let's Compare:

™ Pro
Apple Air Buds PowerBeats
IPX7 Waterproof Not Water Resistant Water Resistant
Great sound and isolation Good sound and isolation  Good sound and isolation 
12 Hour Battery Life  4 Hour Battery Life 4 Hour Battery Life
Wireless charging  Wireless charging  Wireless charging 
Immaculate fit  Fit has not changed. Immaculate fit 
Quick Charge (10 min) Charge 1 Hour Quick Charge (15 min)
Strong wireless connection  Okay wireless connection Strong wireless connection


$159 $249.95

What's in the box:

  • JAMKIX Pro Wireless Earphones
  • Wireless charging case
  • Eartips with four size options
  • Lightning to USB-A charging cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Warranty Card

Join the pros. 

Our Guarantee 

JAMKIX™ gives you a 90 day guarantee. If our headphones stop working for any reason we will replace them with a stress-free no questions asked refund.

Free shipping worldwide within 5 - 7 days for the USA and 10 - 15 days for anywhere outside the USA. 

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