Welcome To The Next Level Of Wireless Music.

JAMKIX® formally AirBeats is a wireless earphone that’s built with professional athletes in mind but made for everyday people.

With our product, we want everyone to taste the experience of using high-quality wireless earphones without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

We’re dedicated to serving you — and thousands of our customers — by providing the best quality product and service that exceeds your expectations. Don’t hesitate to talk to us if you have anything to ask regarding our product.

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A Letter From The Founder

Hi there,

I’m the founder of JAMKIX formally AirBeats. This is the product I wish was available since the first time I purchased my iPod shuffle and brought it with me to the gym.

From that time, I kept dreaming of earbuds that did not have a cable limiting my movements. A few years later, I got excited because I thought my dream has finally coming true when wireless headphones starting to be available on the market.

But you know, they’re simply too big and very uncomfortable to wear while I was working out or the price was way to much for what I wanted.

So let’s just say JAMKIX® is a dream that I have brought to reality with the help of a great quality team. The JAMKIX wireless earphone is the perfect one made to be very comfortable for people who love to exercise, like me.

And the sound… the sound is unbelievably great with a powerful bass that always keeps my adrenaline pumping during my hardcore workouts.

If you’re looking for a great wireless earphone that fits and keeps up with you and makes you stay focused while you are working out, then look no further. Try AirBeats® today, and I promise you will love them.

Wishing you all the best,