Product Warranty

Get an extra 2 years

90 Day 365 Warranty

JAMKIX™ gives you a 90 day warranty. If our items stop working for any reason we will replace them with a stress-free replacement process.

How to use my warranty

To use your warranty please contact us that you need a replacement.

Our replacement process is simple and easy.

Click Here to start the replacement process

2 Year Warranty

You can purchase the 2 year warranty as long as you are within your original 90 day warranty.

If you are past your 90 day warranty your order is not eligible for a 2 year upgrade.


What happens when I buy the 2 year warranty?

When you purchase the extended warranty the 90 day warranty is voided and replaced with 2 years of full coverage. But you can purchase the 2 year warranty within 90 days of your order.

How many times can I use the warranty?

You can use the replacement warranty as many times as it is covered. Replacements are not covered under the 90 day warranty or the 2 year warranty.

I bought the 2 year warranty and returned my order for a refund. Can I get a refund for the warranty as well?

No, the extended warranty is not refundable. If you choose to cancel or return your order you will not be refunded for the extended warranty.