Workout Tips for Rainy Days

Workout Tips for Rainy Days | JAMKIX

It’s a rainy, chilly day here at JAMKIX HQ, so we’re sharing some of our favorite things to do when the weather doesn’t cooperate with our outdoor workout plans. Don’t let a setback keep you from moving forward in your fitness goals! 

1. Hit the gym

If you have a gym membership (or a home gym) this is a great opportunity to get some work in on the machines, weights, treadmill, etc. Turn on some of your favorite music, and you’re ready to build and grow! There is also much motivation in seeing others around you working toward their fitness goals and staying active.

2. Use a training app

Another favorite thing to do on a day when the weather isn’t great is using a workout app. The great thing about these apps is that many are free and do not require equipment (although most do have workouts that use equipment, too). You can customize the length of time, intensity, and type of workout you want. There is also plenty of variety available, so there is always something new to try.

3. Take an indoor workout class

If the opportunity is available, taking a workout class with a group is a fantastic way to stay motivated and push yourself because you’re standing right beside other people doing the very same thing! And there are a multitude of options...from a slower yoga or pilates class to a high energy kickboxing or step class, dancing, taking karate...just look around to see what your area offers!

4. Use your covered or enclosed porch

If you live in a place with a covered, screened in, or glassed in porch, you can take any of our home workout ideas in this list, and take them outside! There is nothing like the peaceful sound of the rain...pair that with a great yoga workout, a jacket for the extra chill in the air, and you’re set for a lovely experience for your body AND mind!

5. Design your own interval workout

Why not do a mix of all the above? Take some of your favorite workout moves, add in two or three that you do not like (because they are challenging and push you beyond your comfort zone!), write them all down, turn on your favorite music jams that make you feel invincible, and you’re set! Don’t forget the water and electrolytes!

We hope this list has given you some inspiration to keep going so even when your outdoor plans don’t work out you still can! Keep pressing on toward your goals, in fitness and in life.

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Enjoy your life’s adventure…

~ Sadie James

JAMKIX Director of Content