Will This Be Your Healthiest and Happiest Holiday Season Yet?

Will This Be Your Healthiest and Happiest Holiday Season Yet? | JAMKIX

The holidays are coming, y’all… Can you feel it? Decorations already showing up in the stores, Hallmark airing 24/7 Christmas movies in less than two weeks (what?! It’s true), and the pressure to go ahead and plan for the multitude of presents you are supposed to buy is creeping in. Can you feel your stress level rising just while reading this? 

Well, what if this year could be different? What if you went into this holiday season with a plan for more time, more health, and less hurry? A low-stress (dare we say even stress-free?!) holiday season is quite possible, but it takes planning and it takes making good habits well before the pressure to become “holiday crazy” sets in.

In response to this epidemic that often makes people dread the end of the year, I (hey, Sadie J. here!) am embarking on a blog series that tackles the aspects of the holidays that tend to steal joy and create stress and regret. We at JAMKIX believe that the holidays should be the best time of the year, so let us encourage you that you can take charge of your schedule, your expectations, your health, and your overall experience to make this one of the best seasons yet. 

Are you ready? Stay tuned to the blog over the rest of October for our “Healthy Holidays” series!

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~ Sadie James

Air Beats Director of Content