7 Reasons Fall is an Awesome Time to Get Outside

7 Reasons Fall is an Awesome Time to Get Outside | JAMKIX


The days of summer sun, chilling all day at the beach, and long daylight hours may be coming to a close, but we believe some of the best days for being outdoors are just beginning! Here are 7 reasons Fall is an awesome time to get outside:

1. Cooler temperatures

The dog days are over, and we’re loving not breaking into a sweat within 2 minutes of stepping out the door! Lower temperatures and humidity means that running, playing sports, or just being with family and friends is more comfortable. Use that as a good motivation to go the extra mile or stay out just a little longer!

2. Changing leaves

For most of us, changing temperatures also mean a plethora of leaves changing color. Get out to your nearest park, trail, or even your own backyard and take in the view. Then keep going out, because it will alter every day!

3. Community festivals

Apple festivals and corn mazes are just the start of the diverse offerings of many towns all over the country during the latter portion of the year. Not only does it give a great excuse to stay out all day, they can also be enjoyed and shared by family and friends of all ages. 

4. Fewer bugs

Can we get an Amen? The bugs that are so prevalent during summer start to fade away in the waning temperatures of Autumn, allowing us to simply enjoy the out of doors without having to swat away a pesky fly or gnat. 

5. Take a break from the everyday routine

As much as we love a good routine for moving forward with goals and giving structure to our lives, taking time away to rest and recharge is so very important. Now that kids are back in school and everyone is back to some sense of “normalcy,” make sure to take advantage of these beautiful days to keep relationships alive and find refreshment.

6. Connecting with nature inspires the soul

Sometimes you just need some peace and quiet, and there is no place quite like the outdoors, with the gently rustling leaves, bird song, and a soft breezes to put your mind and spirit back at ease. 

7. Reflection on the year and goals to come

The season of Autumn often comes with an atmosphere of contemplation and thinking back on everything the year has brought with it. Reflecting on the year and dreaming of the one to come is often done best in the stillness and beauty that nature brings. 

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~ Sadie
JAMKIX Director of Content